Monday, 29 June 2009

Note to self: must try harder!

Yet again the blog has been neglected! Mostly because not much has happened but also due to a lack of documenting which I will endevour to correct!

Anyway I have got bits to upload, mostly the visit to my sister in Norwich where we saw the Saturdays!

(Flowery blouse, mustard bf top, blue skinnies)

There are loads of pics from the Saturdays on fb plus my outfit which was in homage to the girls sparkly ensembles:

(pictured with the sis: 80's flower sequin dress, leggings, gold pumps)

I have made some purchases recently and have managed to avoid looking like I stepped out of the 80's, eventhough I love the decade. They will be posted in due course. As I am still completing uni work at home the outfits are a range of loungewear which is not very exciting, but if I do venture outside I will ensure I take a photo!