Thursday, 30 December 2010

That's all I ask of you

A busy week before the end of 2010 which included two Wagamama meals in two days and two shows in one day! We took the mama to London on Wednesday to see Les Mis and ended up seeing the seminal classic Phantom of the Opera aswell! What we have been missing all this time! An amazing show with some fantastic performances and sets. Definately would recommend it!

We then saw Les Mis in the evening which was good but didn't quite live up to expectations which was a shame, plus my major bug bear of people russling sweets and drinks at important moments really dampened the experience. I have to say that I disagree with the theatres selling drinks and snacks which ruins the enjoyment for others when all you can hear is russling whilst a character is DYING!! Even that didn't deter people which just makes me so mad, they aren't paying attention at all if they can't keep quiet!

*Side note: I am a complete theatre snob and musical obsessive so I hope I haven't offended anyone. I just get really annoyed when we have paid so much money to go and want to enjoy the performance while other people are treating it like bloody dinner theatre!

Anyway moving forward and onto outfit post. I had been saving the evans tunic to wear on the London trip to get the whole casual cool look:

Coat: Evans

Tunic: Evans

Beads: New Look


Jeggings: Evans

Boots: Schuh

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Upstairs, downstairs

Another day spent cooking and watching a lot of T.V consisting of period drama, music concerts and bits of films.

Christmas time brings festive cheer and the desire to wear something sparkly, although maybe not resembling the decorations but with this in mind out came the sparkly clothing for today:

Headband: New Look

Earings: Topshop

Top: F+F

Jeggings: Evans

Saturday, 25 December 2010

White Christmas

The day is over and bed is calling after a massive lunch cooked by yours truly and the sis and hours spent watching Christmas T.V. In an attempt to get the wear out of festive clothing I wore this F+F glitzy dress:

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, 24 December 2010

"Twas the night before Christmas"

And I'm already in my py's and ready for bed! Me and the sis crashed the ma's Christmas party at Pizza Hut for lunch and have been watching films since we came back. Was determined to wear something glitzy so wore my cardigan again:

Earings: Primark

Cardigan: F+F

Dress: River Island

Belt: New Look

Leggings: Yours

Boots: Schuh

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It's coming on Christmas . . .

Just finished watching Alan Carr with the family and friends and eating lots of Christmas goodies! Being in the new house has many perks including more space for parties!

Decided to do 1920's style for tonight so wore velvet Beth Ditto dress, glittery cardi (thanks to Tesco!) and leaf design headband:

Headband: New Look

Cardigan: Tesco

Dress: Beth Ditto for Evans

Belt: Primark

Tights: M&S

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sherlock Pine on the case

Been out getting supplies for the gathering tomorrow evening and my hedgehog associate was accompanying me, although he was too busy tucking into afternoon tea to notice much:

Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins

Tee: River Island

Jeggings: Evans

Boots: Schuh

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tree museum

Front room is currently housing 4 Christmas trees in the window and there are 3 in the back room so think that makes a pretty convincing tree museum! Also got lights up and getting ready for the big day next week.

Went with the ma to Leicester today to look at vacum cleaners and bedlinen and we came away very happy John Lewis customers! We even got to go round the back to the collections point to fill the boot up! After all the excitement of John Lewis purchases we went to Wagamamas for a delicious dinner and then back home for birthday cake! Got a big surprise lined up for the ma's birthday tomorrow so hope she likes it! Glad it's here as I am about to burst with excitement!!

I also had time to whiz round the shops on the lookout for a glittery cardigan for the festive period but it was very slim pickings. I have been organising my outfits for the next few events to ensure I wear all my lovely things and was actually surprised to see that the shimmer factor isn't so high. We'll see if that grows in time.

Today's outfit was centred around my new boots as I wanted to get the look right with chinos and a blouse:

Cardigan: F+F

Blouse: Primark

Bangles: Accessorize

Chinos: New Look

Boots: Topshop

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Queen B

The narcissist in me likes to review previous looks and remind myself of what I have worn before. I have noticed that I have been rocking a few headbands recently and it reminded me of the notorious (if you watch it) Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl. She manages to work the headband repeatedly and still look fresh. I realised that I ended up looking more B than I had imagined today:

Headband: New Look

Coat: Evans

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins

Beads: New Look

Dress: Peacocks

Leggings: Yours

Boots: New Look

Friday, 17 December 2010


Writing this post slightly tipsy and very, very full! Spent the evening at a friends house having another Christmas dinner (this being my 2nd so far) and eating until I could not move! In fairness the food was lovely and there was lots so I wasn't the only one slumped over the table for quite a while . . .

I nearly wore this dress once before but changed my mind at the last moment. No such wavering tonight though:

Lipgloss: MAC

Cardigan: H&M

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins

Dress: F+F

Bangles: Primark

Leggings: Yours

Boots: New Look

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Oh come all ye faithful

Tonight kicked off the festivites with a carol service at ye olde high school, although the ma and I cut it short to get back in time for Apprentice fireworks!

Decided to wear red and get into the Christmas spirit (I did give the boots and beard a miss though!):

Hairband: River Island

Jacket: H&M

Beads: New Look

Tunic: Evans

Beaded jeggings: Evans

Shoes: Primark

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Top girl

More developments on the house front as furniture is being delivered today. Old antiquey furniture so will be tres chic.

Today's picture shows me standing in for the new dresser:

Headband: Primark

Jacket: Topshop

Dress: Topshop

Necklace: gifted

Leggings: Topshop

Boots: Schuh

Sunday, 12 December 2010

"You should be dancing"

I was last night and danced up a storm though I say it myself. My highlight was jivin (very badly) with someone I had just met, does it get any better than that? I was out celebrating a friend's good news and we had a great night full of cocktails! Out came granny's top so I ready in no time:

Top: Granny's

Bangles: Accessorize

Jeggings: Evans

Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Next

"These boots are made for walking"

But as it turns out, not for snow and ice! I slipped about in them while in town posting exciting Christmas parcels and cards. They are very comfy and were the last pair in Topshop so obviously it was fate. Here they are:

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Over here at My Stylish Life HQ clothes have finally been sorted and are now on ebay so if you want a bargain head over to see what you can get. There is a vast amount of dresses and a fabulous pair of shoes!

My seller name is sweetiequeen87.