Sunday, 24 May 2009

Oh the pain!

So the plan to start work has been postponed while I uploaded pics from last night and tagged etc. and thought I should post so I don't get a massive back log like I usually do!

Well I managed to have a break from uni work and met my friend Lauren in London on Friday for the usual culture and shopping trip! The obligatory trip to the Tate resulted in me doing exercise of sorts, balancing on boards and hiking up a wooden slope with a rope! It was all rather fun though and I got lots of lovely new things for my wardrobe which will be pictured very shortly as I am very eager to wear them all! ha ha ha!


(coral frill blouse, red bf cardigan, nautical blazer, navy skinnies, white pumps)

The reason I am posting so late in the day is because I went to bed rather late last night after dancing my socks off in town! The cocktails were flowing and there were a few good songs. I decided to wear one of my new purchases:

(black cardigan, sequin cap sleeve dress, ankle length leggings, selection of bangles)

Lots of sparkle, just what I like! It was a fun night except for me falling down and grazing both my knees! Oh the pain! and just as the weather is improving. . .

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