Wednesday, 26 August 2009

"And breathe . . . ."

So the dissertation is finally over! It was printed, bound and handed in on Monday a few hours before the deadline! phew! What a relief it's over and my holiday can begin! I felt that a commemorative photo was needed:

Looking very casual country chic with my gingham dress, but gold popping accessories (pumps, bangle) and accompanied by my green eyed dog brooch. The completion of the diss means that I can finally tidy (and clean) my room and start the renovation process.

Also have to mention a certain incident that was wedged inbetween last week and this, the birthday. Thankfully the weather stayed nice for my af
ternoon soiree with family and then dinner and cocktails in town. The country/1950's theme started with a blue gingham dress:

After which, a quick outfit change into a fitted coral applique dress with origami detailing:

So a succession of 1950's outfits that wouldn't look out of place on the Mad Men set! And I can't let the birthday posting pass without mentionning my amazing "Ace of Cakes" cake, made by my lovely mummy and sister! A true masterpiece:

Two little ducks for my 22nd birthday, daredevil ducks hanging off wires and Geof, my frog prince.

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