Monday, 15 November 2010

Step back in time . . .

To the past where I have been residing recently. My room is almost finished and looks very chic and art deco. As the ma and I put my new monocrome sheets on the bed she said that she expected to see Bertie Wooster or Noel Coward walk through the door at any moment! Photos will be posted at some point to show this stylish and period bedroom decor.

The new oven and worktop arrived last week so I christened it this evening by making veggie lasagne and banoffee pie (and doing copious amounts of washing up as a result). Very domestic godess and 1950's housewife.

Add to this the cardigans, full skirted dresses and brooches that I have been wearing recently (a result of watching Mad Men) and my vintage lifestyle is complete, minus vintage husband.

This is Thursday's and today's outfits (check out the vintage dog brooch worn today, a well appreciated birthday gift):

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