Sunday, 26 February 2012

"History: it's just one f***ing thing after another"

Friday's outfit for work and then the local theatre to watch Alan Bennett's The History Boys, a fabulous show! Having seen the film I was interested to see how it works on stage and how they cast the actors, when the guys in the film made the roles and a name for themselves (James Corden, Dominic Cooper, Russel Tovey).

Have been wearing these trousers so much and finding new ways to wear them:

Necklace: New Look

Top: Mango

Trousers: Yours

Shoes: Office


  1. haha, love the title of this post! Loving this lace top. I think the forest green with any variation of burgundy is perfect :) xx

  2. The History Boys is one of my favourite films/stories ever and I'd absolutely love to see it in theatre!

  3. @Jazmine: Thank you! I thought it looked quite Autumnal.

    @Mel: I love the film so much! I was curious as to how it would work on stage and they did it really well! It was put on by a local company so you'll have to see if they ever put it on near you :)