Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Where I get personal

It's all change over here at My Stylish Life! The new job is going well but it is challenging and tiring so I haven't been at my best outfit wise. Also the office is very casual so my usual style of dressing up doesn't really go.

On a personal note I have embarked on The Cambridge Weight Plan. I've always been overweight and learned to live with it but not like it so I finally decided to do something about it. The ma is doing it too so we can do it together, which is great from a support angle. I have lost almost 2 stone so far and there is still more to go but I am determined to do it and get to a stage where I am happy about my weight.

I know that this is a drastic way to loose weight ( it is a very low calorie diet consisting of shakes, soups, bars and small meals) but I feel like this plan is working for me.

I hope that whilst you may not agree with what I am doing, you can understand why and I hope that you will continue to read as I will be posting again! I feel that now it's time to be honest with you readers and in case anyone was wondering what had happened to me.

Anyway enough of the personal stuff! Here is a recent outfit post:

Cardigan: Topshop
Blouse: New Look
Necklace: Primark
Trousers: Yours clothing
Shoes: Topshop


  1. The Cambridge Diet is supposed to be pretty hardcore so well done you for sticking with it! :D
    A guy I worked with at my last job lost 11 stone on it and was still going by the time I left!

  2. Hey Carla - yeah it is tough but I'm in the swing of it now so it isn't too bad. The results are good so that's what keeps me going. I've also got PCOS so I gain weight really easily and this diet is really helping me change my mindset about cutting out carbs and eating more protein and veg so hopefully it will be a lifelong change :)

  3. Good luck with the weight loss plan!

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