Thursday, 30 December 2010

That's all I ask of you

A busy week before the end of 2010 which included two Wagamama meals in two days and two shows in one day! We took the mama to London on Wednesday to see Les Mis and ended up seeing the seminal classic Phantom of the Opera aswell! What we have been missing all this time! An amazing show with some fantastic performances and sets. Definately would recommend it!

We then saw Les Mis in the evening which was good but didn't quite live up to expectations which was a shame, plus my major bug bear of people russling sweets and drinks at important moments really dampened the experience. I have to say that I disagree with the theatres selling drinks and snacks which ruins the enjoyment for others when all you can hear is russling whilst a character is DYING!! Even that didn't deter people which just makes me so mad, they aren't paying attention at all if they can't keep quiet!

*Side note: I am a complete theatre snob and musical obsessive so I hope I haven't offended anyone. I just get really annoyed when we have paid so much money to go and want to enjoy the performance while other people are treating it like bloody dinner theatre!

Anyway moving forward and onto outfit post. I had been saving the evans tunic to wear on the London trip to get the whole casual cool look:

Coat: Evans

Tunic: Evans

Beads: New Look


Jeggings: Evans

Boots: Schuh


  1. Good casual look - love the colour of your bag! I always think its strange I seem to put far too much effort into looking casual!

    Oh I agree on the theatre thing although my pet hate is when the person next to me gets out their phone and starts texting! First of all -should they not be watching the show and second - its all I can see because it's so bright argh!

  2. Oooh I never knew you were a theatre fan too - BELIEVE ME when/if I rule the world one day I'll ban snacks from the theatre! It's bad enough at the cinema...

    That's sad you didn't like Les Mis - it's my favourite! :) xxxx

  3. Thanks for the comments and it's good to know I'm not the only one who finds this annoying!

    @Wendycakes: I have to say that although I say the outfit is meant to be casual I spent ages planning it and other outfits for the season! I thought we might go to the Savoy for cocktails so needed something to tick every box! Very stressful!

    @MessyCarla: Carla fan doesn't even come close! I am a complete nut job obsessive! We got home at 2am and I went on the comp to research actors and on youtube for videos, I get so absorbed in the shows! I was really weeping at the end of Phantom, it was embarassing!

    Re Les Mis: We saw it about 10 years ago and I fell in love! Me and my sis learnt every song and did all the duets like the confrontation between Vean Val Jean and Javert, sad but true. Still in love with the music and songs and the show but I thought the cast let it down quite significantly. Their singing was poor and the woman playing Cosette couldn't hit the notes. We were disappointed as we do love Les Mis.

    Anyhoo hope you both have a good New Year's Eve and hope to see you at the Blogger meet in Feb xx