Tuesday, 19 July 2011

There's a place for us

Just came in this evening and straight away I was sashaying around my bedroom and hmming to myself. I was at the Curve seeing West Side Story, thanks to a friend. If anyone remembers this is the amateur production that I auditioned for earlier this year and didn't get into. Seeing the girls being spun around tonight I think I had a lucky escape, or the guys did! The show was a great success, not 100% perfect but then this was amateurs.

As mentionned before I have been watching SATC on a loop and imagine myself drifting around in prom dresses and ostentatious outfits so when picking an outfit for tonight I decided to really dress up and not give a damn! I saw that a couple of fellow bloggers that mentionned their blue velvet Beth Ditto which reminded me about mine and so I decided to wear it:

Shrug: F+F

Necklace: Ann Harvey

Dress: Beth Ditto for Evans

Belt: New Look

Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Leggings: Yours

Shoes: Evans

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