Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Just in time

I went a bit mad at the weekend buying new purchases! I was supposed to be sticking to sale items but due to increasing weight loss (almost 3 stone now) I couldn't resist getting a few bits to celebrate and using my excuse of nothing fits anymore.

When I saw these trousers in New Look I wondered if I would get much wear out of them with summer seemingly over but mum persuaded me to get them and it was a stroke of genius as I wore them today in the very belated summer weather! They're so comfy and lightweight I'm sure they will make regular appearances:

Sunglasses: Simply Be
Tee: New Look
Necklace: mum's
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Primark


  1. Dear me girl, you're shrinking! Looking gorgeous! :D xxx

  2. Hey Carla! Yeah it's going well. Still got a way to go yet. Am feeling good though. Had dance rehearsals on Monday night for a show I'm going and that's more my incentive to get the weight off. Hope you're ok! xx