Sunday, 13 February 2011

Just dance 2!

Feeling a little worse for wear today after a night of cocktails and lots of dancing! Went to my friends house and attempted to "just dance" on the Wii with mixed results as the routines are really hard and it was the most exercise I have done in ages!

I have been getting my wardrobe together for LFW and the clothes are piling up! I was expecting a uniform and instead have a scarf so I have been modelling an entire 10 days worth of outfits and trying not to take too much stuff (easier said than done for me, the kitchen sink girl). I have bought some new items and hopefully I will be able to take daily pics to be updated when I get back.

I got a few things from Yours which were in the sale and therefore incredibly cheap! My sequin jacket I wore at Plus London and my velvet dress I wore last night:

Necklace: Primark

Dress: Yours

Belt: Accessorize

Bangles: Primark

Leggings: New Look

Shoes: Evans

Just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you to new followers, hope you enjoy my little blog x

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  1. Hello, I'm one of those new followers : ) Hehe! I love Just Dance, although I'm crap at it because I have about as much co-ordination as drunk sloth! Me and my best friend always recreate the dance moves from it when we're out painting the town red, which is really quite lame, come to think of it.