Monday, 15 February 2010

Cupcake love

Another day out driving and trying to conquer manoeuvers, which proved a challenge today. I was able to let off some steam by moseying along to Open Mic night at the uni. Got to listen to some coolio music and have a proper catch up with a friend. Apart from getting caught in the rain coming home it was a fun night! Thought I would jazz my outfit up, although I forgot it would be students in hoodies and uggs, so a tad overdressed but nevermind:

Jacket: River Island

Dancing ladies tee: Topshop

Skirt and leggings: New Look

Necklace: Primark.

Now who would have thought that a trip to Tesco would lead to such cool (and fashionable) nailpolish? Cool grey with a hint of blue:

This is not fashion related but thought I would put it in as it is majorly cute!

Two loves of my life: cupcakes and Paperchase! Thanks mama!


  1. i love this outfit, especially the nailpolish!!


  2. Hi Stina,

    Ever so sorry but only just saw your comment, thanks x