Tuesday, 23 February 2010

"Go Go Power Rangers!"

Early start this morning for my driving lesson with Elvis, which went well. Am on the road to being a fully qualified driver, although I think he was worried about my level of road rage before I've even passed my test! Yelling at cyclists and pedestrians on the road is probably not a good move with the instructor beside me.
There was the realisation this morning that my outfit today inspires images of crime fighting with my rainbow friends and transforming with the help of my bracelets:

Cardigan: Tesco

Tunic: Evans

Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins

Pumps: H & M

Bracelets: Primark and H & M


  1. hahaha i had to laugh to hard on your post's title! :D

    you look freakin CHIC!


  2. Thanks, when I was thinking about what to wear I thought the bracelets would look good as I'm always so co-ordinated and trying to get away from that but ended up looking like a Power Ranger instead! lol x