Thursday, 25 February 2010

Maybe cherry?

No outfit post yesterday as I spent it in my pjs lying on the sofa watching t.v and generally feeling ill and therefore useless. Today was better in that I got out of the house and accompanied mama to Nottingham to look at cars (for me and her) and then go shopping. Got my eye on a cherry red Nissen Micra so we'll see what happens . . . . . . . .

Speaking of cherries, decided to wear my cherry/rasberry tights today:

Blazer: New Look

Spotty shirt: Tesco

Cameo brooch: Accessorize

Skirt (with braces): Primark

Tights: Tesco

Shoes: Schuh


  1. I was never sure if red tights could look good on me, but I always had a bright red in mind.

    Now that I see you with a darker red shade, I totally feel these tights! haha :D

  2. Well to be honest there were the only red ones that I saw, but also got purple and dark green as well and they are great quality so am pleased! xx