Monday, 14 March 2011

Early Bird dinner

Surprisingly it wasn't a bunch of elderly folk and us for dinner tonight but more young people. We decided that our group meetings of cocktail filled evenings needed to get more civilised and thus we are attempting some other activities, mainly meals out. Tonight was a feast of chinese including new additions for me of crispy seaweed and hot, spicy soup.

I have been getting the wear out of my boots as they were a little stiff to start with but are now really comfy and beautiful to admire . . . . Also got another (ahem) parcel from Yours with more reasonably priced goodies including a poppy print tunic and slouchy top that I put on as soon as it arrived:

Cardigan: Evans

Necklace: New Look

Top: Yours

Jeggings: Yours

Boots: River Island

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