Thursday, 31 March 2011

When does flattery become flirting?

Ordered my new Gok Wan specs today so will be modelling those next week when I pick them up. I can see why they are so popular as they are the only range to offer real style and variety, check them out here!

Whilst at the opticians I was served by a nice young guy but the whole time I was thinking "Is this flirting or flattery?", with him working there it made things blurry. After some thought it made me think of SATC, of Carrie when she meets Burger, saying to her friends that she felt that she was so desperate for a man that she imagined one and that she thought he was flirting until he mentionned his girlfriend, i.e."This whole flirtations in your head!". I'm not in the same situation (I am not desperate for a man) but I do find myself thinking in some situations "Is he just being nice or is this flirting?". Hopefully I'm not the only one?

The mysteries of men aside I tried to take influence from Gabi of YFF and wore this outfit today:

Earrings: Urban Outfitters

Top: Yours

Skirt: New Look

Leggings: New Look

Boots: Schuh

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