Thursday, 19 March 2009


Yes that is right! My gorgeous little sis (love you sweetie!) got the tickets so I am there! With a load of 14year olds I might add! ha ha ha! But perhaps not as it is at her uni, UEA.

Honestly, just when you think you've got your head round something, someone throws a spanner in the works! In this case it was my lecturers today telling me that I have to write a profit and loss account and detail the staff structure of my organisation! And then it was define the strategy used for an event! Oh I was decidely miffed at all this information! But as ever my new mantra is in my mind; "Keep calm and carry on" so that is what I shall be doing, although I haven't even thought about the most important thing: what am I going to wear for my presentation next week?!!! The pressure is well and truely on!

There was one little ray of joy today and that was the weather, quite literally! I was out and about with no coat on and wearing my leopard print pumps!

(Coral ruffled top, stripy cardigan, tulip skirt, waist belt)

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