Friday, 6 March 2009

Number 1!

I officially have a blog! This is going to do wonders for my 'image' ha ha ha! And for my up and coming geek status! After uploading daily pics on Faceyb and adding little captions, I thought it was time to properly document my life! (In fashion terms anyway).
As I stated in my interests I am a vintage addict at the moment! Anything in magazines or online or in stores and I'm captured! My latest obsession is vintage glasses, particulary the Dame Edna variety! Thanks to the one and only (mummy!) I found this site called 'Opera Opera' that specialise in vintage specs. The 1950's cats eye were an instant favourite and an unexpected trip to the shop confirmed this! ( Situated in covent garden)

I think Madonna had it right and 're-invention' is the key! Over the years I have had many, many looks (some that I am still trying to forget!) I think my boredom threshold is rather low. It has allowed me to develop my own style that suits me and that I can work in all situations.

I think the 1940's/50's were such a glamourous period and I love the glamour! I have tried to stick to that and make sure my outfit looks polished and defines my shapely figure.

Examples of current outfits, showing my love of coral! and muted colours.

(left) a navy tea dress, beige cardigan and coral bangles.

(right) an outfit based on my dog brooch. More coral in my cosy cardigan.

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  1. and to think you didn't pass ICT! Congratulations - i hope you have many followers xx