Friday, 13 March 2009

What's occuring pussycat?

What a random day! Friday the 13th (ooooo scary!) and Comic Relief (Do something funny for money!) The upside is that the T.V will be getting some serious use tonight! will be flipping between CR (waiting for Bryn and Nessa!) and Corrie as it's finally Steve and Becky's wedding! Oh the excitement, well not much actually as I already read the spoilers so I know what happens! mwah ha ha! Well at least its something worth watching, unlike last night!! What was that all about?! I was in a bad mood anyway, having been told that I missed Gok's 'Fashion Fix' being filmed in Birmingham! coupled with a crappy day's lectures! (seriously what's the point?) so I ended up watching 'Sixteen Candles' to make me feel better.

As I failed to post yesterday I've got two outfit posts to do, so yesterday:

(Print tunic top, coral bangles, pearls)

I have been wearing my skinnies a lot due to the cold weather! Can't believe it's still like winter when it should be the middle of spring! Am contemplating getting another pair of boots to keep me warm!

Today's outfit:

(Spotty print top and an overload of accessories! pearls, red bead necklace, heart bracelet)

I am finding that at the moment I am looking quite 80's with my skinnies and red pixie style boots. Think it's also due to the cold weather! Roll on summer and 1950's dresses and pumps!

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