Monday, 1 March 2010

"It was on a starry night . . . . . "

Like this one that I braved the icy chill of the cold weather and went for a drink with friends. Our plan to frequent the local Open Mic night at the uni was quashed once we arrived and realised it was not on! As an alternative we decided to head into town for some delightful, yet weighty conversation and drinks.

Looked rather dressy for the job centre this morning but didn't care as it was to be the last sign in day! As usual the idea of me undertaking the internship was a complete mystery to them, eventhough I explained that practically all students do one in some shape or form to gain experience. Anyway that was that. Had a driving lesson this afternoon. I am learning that there is the BSM way and then there is the Elvis way . . . .

Also fitted in a trip to hairdressers so that I can see again:

Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins

Pearls: Primark

Tunic: River Island

Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Schuh


  1. due to your title of this post i now have christmas carols in my head! happy march! ;DD

  2. Sorry about that! I did too when I was thinking about using it last night, was walking home and I could see the stars so felt inspired to use it x