Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jai ho: aftermath

Am really pleased to say that we got amazing feedback from friends and family who came to the show last night! Everyone said how good it was and commented on costumes, acting, dancing etc. There were even a couple of people who said it was thought provoking and they discussed it on the way home! What a compliment! We obviously did our job!
Spent most of today trying not to fall asleep at my desk and stop yawning but it was a challenge. Eventhough the show finished relatively early last night by the time I had helped pack up and load and unload the car at home (and post!) it was late. What made it even worse was that I had to finish writing my report today and not get distracted (which is hard when you are tired!). I made it through the day and there was some relief at lunchtime when I met up with friends and enjoyed lunch in the sunshine, and one of the good things about working in Leicester.

Outfit choice was quick this morning as I had to be ready on time for the ma. Decided on colour and the super comfy ridged leggings:

Sunnies: F+F


Horse brooch: River Island (actually from the dress)

Leggings: F+F


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