Saturday, 5 June 2010

Liza in the city

Narrowly escaped an attack tonight by two cats, a fox and a badger whom I saw parading accross the front gardens on our street! Had to make a run for it and thankfully remain intact.

Got around to seeing the new SATC film and I was pleasantly surprised! More laughs and storyline than I expected due to the bad reviews that slated it. Admittedly it isn't going to win any awards for best sreenplay or storyline but it was enjoyable and that's the main thing, as films are an escape from everyday life and a method of relaxation you don't always want to be bombarded with a complicated plot and heavy storyline to follow. And I have to say that the appearance of a certain performer was a real treat!
The hot weather this week has forced me to bare flesh (i.e. my legs and arms) in order to attempt to stay cool. Thankfully the cinema was airconditioned so I didn't sweat with the humidity and managed to stay cool in my outfit:

Earrings: Accessorize

Cardigan: New Look

Dress: F+F

Tank: Primark

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