Thursday, 3 June 2010

"Once upon a time. . . ."

Second day of training today: People Plus so basically equality and diversity in the workplace! Woo hoo! The highlight of the day? Being able to leave early! ha ha ha! As with most of the training it is pretty basic and self explanatory to those of us with half a brain.

A lot of my clothing has that element of fantasy in it (or fancy dress maybe!) so the necklace I wore today was perfect. It is a gold strand necklace with the words "Once upon a time" hanging. It's from Dorothy Perkins and you can see it here. Decided to get out the Viv tee and jazz it up:

Cardigan: F+F

Gold necklace: Dorothy Perkins

Pearls: vintage (Granny's)

Tee: Vivienne Westwood

Trousers: Next

Socks: Tabio

Shoes: Primark

1 comment:

  1. The necklace is far too cute. I love the outfit especially the trousers!