Sunday, 22 August 2010

"Celebrate good times, come on!"

Firstly this is my 200th post! Woo hoo! Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this, I do appreciate it. Also it's my birthday! Just managing to post before I hit the hay after a tiring but fantastic weekend! Have to say a massive thank you to parents, the sis and all my lovely friends who came and celebrated with me! I love you all!

Now onto the photos! First is my outfit from Saturday night:

Dress: H&M, Earrings: H&M, Leggings: New Look, Bangles: Accessorize, Pumps: Next

Had such a good time dancing and drinking cocktails with all the lovelies who came and I didn't feel that bad when I got up this morning! Got some lovely presents including a 1940/50's dog brooch, Mary Quant pop socks, lots of choc and money and vouchers. Went out for lunch with some of the survivors from Saturday night where we had nice food and then my birthday cake! I was amazed to come in last night and see a green cake just like the Priscilla one I love so much so was very happy indeed. Here it is:

And now for the birthday outfit post! The weather was really nice today so I decided to wear my new maxi dress:

Headband: Accessorize

Earrings: New Look

Cardigan: Primark

Dress: Yours

Bag: borrowed from sis

Gladiator sandals: New Look


  1. Ooh, love the maxi dress, the peacock feathers on the top are so noticable when you're sitting down, then the full length shot looks fantastic! The cake rocks too, I saw the stage show of priscilla for the first time last week, have you seen it? Love the guys dressed up as cupcakes!

  2. Hi Wendy, thanks for your comment. I love the dress too, initially bought it for holiday but thought I would give it an airing before we go.

    I have seen Priscilla, actually seen it twice now and am definately going back as I completely loved it! The dancing cupcakes were awesome and I even made a copy of the outfit for my sister's 21st birthday party (can be seen in an old post). Was so thrilled when I saw the cake as it was so unexpected but what can I say, my family know me well xx