Friday, 5 March 2010

"Curiouser and curiouser"

Not quite falling down the rabbit hole but attempted to experience it for myself via 3D. Not excellent but some good performances (Johhny Depp always delivers) and CGI (namely the cheshire cat in various states). Personally I prefer the original Disney film, although was led to believe that this version focuses on the second film which led to confusion as it is not stated in the title as "Alice through the looking glass" rather it is "Alice in Wonderland".
However, it has been said that this title covers many adaptations of both stories and can be used for adaptations that do not strictly adhere to the book, what seems to have happened here. Tim Burton himself said that it is not a sequel nor a re-imagining, just his interpretation of the story; he wanted the events to link up and become more succinct.

There was no outfit post for yesterday as it was another pj and sweatpants day. Today was a different matter and I managed two (costume) changes. The first was for driving:

Sunglasses: ASOS

Pearls: vintage (Granny's)

Tee: Vivienne Westwood

Skirt: Primark

Tights: Tesco

Pumps: Office

The second outfit was my attempt to pay homage to Alice:

Blazer: New Look

Cardigan: Topshop

Pearls: Primark

Dress: Primark

Flats: Next

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