Tuesday, 2 March 2010

"Have you heard the good news?"

No jesus doesn't want you for a sunbeam; the mama started her brand spanking new job today which means that she can no longer be chief photographer! This is actually bad news for me as I need to get a tripod to take photos or try out new positions for the camera like I did today (and promptly slipped down the stair!) Will have to get something sorted now that there are actual real life people reading this, not just relatives.

Practiced my country driving today, taking Elvis out for a spin along dual carriageways and around roundabouts. It was rather exhilarating being out on the open road in the sunshine, wearing my sunnies and embracing the warmer weather (hopefully!):

Cardigan: New Look

Coral tee: Primark

Black tee: H & M

Jeans: New Look

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