Saturday, 6 March 2010

Model behaviour

A very late night for me due to all of today's excitement! It was International Women's Day and I was celebrating with lots of other fabulous females! There was bollywood and morris dancing, african drumming, yummy samosas and gulab jamun's for dinner and energetic circle dancing with everyone. I also strutted my stuff down the catwalk for the fairtrade fashion show. The occasion called for lots of sparkle so out came granny's beaded top:

Tux jacket: Tesco

Beaded top: Granny's

Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins

Pumps: Next


  1. I love that glitzy glam glitter thing! :D you look gooood, girl!

  2. thanks Lodi! just uploaded another pic so hopefully you can see the detail a bit more! xx