Monday, 22 March 2010

"The sun'll come out tomorrow . . . . . . . "

Lack of postage this weekend due to sleep deprivation (totally self inflicted) and then crashing out last night, in bed for 8pm! Sunday is usually lie in day but not this time. The ma and me took a trip to Leicester amid sunny weather and the promise that spring is on it's way. With that in mind I broke open the summer shoes:

Here they are snapped in the lovely John Lewis carpark:

Navy tee: New Look

Pale blue dress (worn underneath): Primark

Belt: Primark

Tights: Tesco

Shoes: River Island

1 comment:

  1. these shoes are adorable, but I have big feet! haha so If I wear hastate shoes the'll look freakin looooong!

    ps. i loooove your red tights!