Monday, 10 May 2010

"It's a small world after all"

Another Monday morning at the jobcentre but this time I had good news for them regarding my job! Everyone was thrilled and congratulated me, which was nice but I suspect they were happier than me as I am back into work and helping them reach their targets.

Ran into one of my classmates from primary school this afternoon, a very surreal experience. he was just as lovely as ever and so cute! I remember all the girls crushing on him and being jealous when one got to play Mary next to him as Joseph in the nativity play. My mum did the usual "mum" thing of saying "I remember when you were this big", ha ha ha!

In other news I decided to dye my hair yesterday with surprising results! As my hair is almost black it doesn't take colour easily but since having found beauty supply chain "Sallys" I have had much more luck. There you can buy professional hair dye rather than the ready mixed ones in the shops. So a bix of mixing later my hair is now a sort of redish colour which I am getting used to! It's been ages since I coloured all my hair. Anyway here is the result:

Headband: Anna Lou of London

Cardigan: Primark

Dress: River Island

Tights: Tesco

Pumps: New Look

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