Wednesday, 5 May 2010

SUSsed out

"The game has been dispanded, my mind has been expanded"

Taken from the Rocky Horror Show (no I didn't see it again) but referring to SUS, the play I saw last night at the Curve theatre in Leicester.

Two police officers are waiting for the election result, the year is 1979, the eve of Thather's appointment and the beginning of the Tory regime. A black man is arrested believing he is being detained under the new SUS law (stop and search on suspicion). The play was originally written over 30 years ago and based on a true and harrowing story, which is all too familiar for some. The play portrays the reality of life at that time but also showing that in 30 years progress towards racial equality has been slow. The post show discussion contained the usual fury at the police for invoking such laws and depicting black and now asian people as criminals and terrorists. I left feeling more informed and culturally enriched, always a good feeling!

A few weeks ago my granny saw my blog for the first time and was amused to see some of her clothing mentionned. This has led her to donate more items, including the white shirt I wore last night:

White shirt: Granny's vintage

Long sleeved top: H&M

Necklace: New Look

Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins

Flats: New Look

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