Friday, 21 May 2010

Shorts in the city

Today is a first for this year: the first time I wore shorts! It has been getting hotter and hotter this week and today was even worse! I was a sweaty betty before I even left the house (so not a good look) so had to resort to a tee and shorts. I was weary of the shorts as I still have scars on my knees from when I fell over last year and of course the tee exposed my lovely bingo wing arms but the heat was too much and I thought "to hell with it!". You know what? It was fine! I think you do reach a point where the sheer practicality of the situation forces you to be brave and flash the flesh!

My outfit was an attempt at kitchy cool pairing the shorts with ankle socks and raffia style flats:

Tee: New Look

Necklaces: Primark and Peacocks

Shorts: Dorothy Perkins

Socks: Tesco

Flats: Office

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